Monday, October 19, 2009

10\19\09 ~ Stupid Cute Guys & Success

Hey everyone! (;

I've had a very successful day today. I did extremely well in English (so well, that people were asking what I got on the homework), we have our tableaus planned out for Drama, and I got a touch down in gym today. :-) (I suck at Football, so this is saying alot.) But, the best thing was that I got ALL of my homework finished whilst earning my volunteer hours at the hospital...well between me actually doing my job, and stuff. I now have 4 hours, and 51 minutes to my name, with a bookbag full of completed homework! :D (For those of you whom do not know, Canadian students need 40 hours of volunteer work to graduate.)

The down point of my day was when the cute guy in my English class (whom is also in my Drama class) dissed Taylor Swift. I quote, "We're doing a gay ass Taylor Swift song." Her songs are NOT gay...and they do not resemble a donkey! Seriously, he's stupid if he thinks that. Her songs are amazing, and she is not some stupid Disney starlet who got where she is by auditioning for some half witted television show.

Plus, I own BOTH of her albums:

This one:

and this one:

A fan of hers, such as myself, is bound to be majorly offended. Especially when the guy who insulted her is as cute as the cute guy in my English class... I wonder if the Andrew Look Alike (this kid who looks like my friend Andrew, only with REALLY blue eyes. I love blue eyes. Too bad mine are green...sometimes outlined with blue...-.-) likes Taylor Swift. He's really cute too.
Anyway, drop me a line or two on whether you like Taylor Swift. If so, what is your favourite song? If not, why.
~Green Eyed Dreamer

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